What is Placenta?

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Placenta used in Saintsco Sheep Placenta Plus Grape Seed Capsules 

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A placenta is temporary organ present in females during pregnancy. A placenta is the main site for nutrition exchange between a mother and its fetus. From the mother’s blood, the placenta receives antibodies, nutrients, oxygen, hormones & eliminates waste. Some substances are not able to be filtered out like alcohol, cigarettes, many viruses which to a large degree result in birth defects.

Specific cells from the fetus of baby animals are bred specifically for the purpose of placenta extract. The fetal cells are extracted from the embryo and as the fetal cells have no antigens, they are not considered foreign to the human body. Sheep have been found to be the best donors because of their strong immune systems. Their placenta is a rich source of nutrients, growth factors and contains high levels of proteins which is the most popular source for placenta supplements.

Animal sourced placenta is recommended for a myriad of different ailments ranging from skin ailments to degenerative diseases such as cancer. It is used by people around the globe to boost the immune system, combat the aging process and to promote physical vitality. There is also a vegetarian form of placenta, sourced from plant embryos that offer the same therapeutic consequences as the animal form.

History of Placenta
Placenta has been used for over 1400 years by the Chinese for its medicinal and health promoting properties. However, it's only been since the early 1900’s that it has been researched and adopted for medicinal purposes by the rest of the globe.

Placenta is used in:
- Live Cell Injections
- Tablets
- Creams
- Serums
- Capsules (Like Saintsco Sheep Placenta Plus Grape Seed Capsules)

Internal Benefits

When taken internally, Placenta Extract can be beneficial for:

- Acne
- Asthma
- Arthritis
- Weight Loss
- Osteoporosis
- Chronic Fatigue
- Increased Sex Drive
- Hormone Imbalance
- Increased Circulation
- Degenerative Diseases
- Immune System Stimulant

External Benefits

When applied topically, Placenta can help:

- Reduce Aging Process
- Lighten Facial Pigmentation
- Invigorates Skin Complexion

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